I tackled the second craft of the week with my friend Swan. We’d read about a great journaling idea here for capturing the best parts of each day and decided to replicate it for ourselves.

It is a (cute) way to keep track of the good, small things that happen each day, so that we can look back at the end of a month or year and be able to reflect with genuine thankfulness.

We started with long strips of cardstock, a set of stamps, leftover craft paper, and old letterpress calendars. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big proponent of re-purposing old calendars.

We then stamped a sheet for each month, and embellished with scraps.

Next, we numbered each day in the month (pay no attention to the fact that in my calendar, June has 31 days), hole punched them, and tied them together with twine.

Now, each night before I go to sleep, I’ll take a minute to document the best part of my day in this calendar, and at the end of the year I’ll have a whole collection of good, sweet moments for which to be thankful.