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If you decide to make a mix-tape of your own for your valentine, your sprout, or yourself, here is cute free downloadable CD case artwork (as well as an alternate playlist).

Also, if you are fruit eaters, here’s another idea (and free downloadable art) from Twig + Thistle on making your produce more romantic:

Produce Messages


February is a brutal month for FCL — our anniversary, Valentine’s, and my birthday all fall within a 20 day span. I wish it were more spread out as well, but that’s neither here nor there.

All that to say, Valentine’s sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. But, to get the Sprout and I in the mood on this snowy morning, I made a little (big) mix tape. Or mix playlist. Whatever.

While I’m quite decisive in most areas of life, I am severely challenged when it comes to whittling a playlist. So just know that these 40 (?!) songs will exactly fit on 2 CDs.

Just click on this link to the Hearts and Things playlist if you’re interested in humming along to what we’re humming along to this week.

Bits of happy for today.

This 10 minute project brightening the kitchen window.

Idea credit: Dottie Angel

While I’m on hearts, here are some other fun ideas.

Fabric Heart Garland

Free Printable Sentiment Poster

This adorable Heart of Gold print from Banquet.

In non-heart matters, these little girl shoes are so stinking cute.

Joy Folie

As is this West Elm pillow.

Cooking with fresh things = eventually, less flab. Also, side bonus: fresh scraps for the compost pile.

Happy surprise: this wreath I made for a baby shower three weeks ago is still kicking it on my front door (sans ranunculus).
And happy that even on dreary days, I get a Narnia-esque scene when I peek out the back door.

January can be a brutal month — the cold, dark days are a strong foil to the clean slate of a brand shiny new year that should give me motivation to clean, organize, exercise, make lists and check things off.

There are some stand-out things about January, though. These things help me savor the January-ness we’re in right now.


Ranunculus. Oh how I heart thee, ranunculus.

Yes, that is my sprout on the floor of the kitchen in her pajamas, mid-afternoon, next to some peacock feathers. And that’s also a George Foreman grill. What?

Anemones, you are a close second.

Flannel sheets. Hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Hot tubs. True story: I have the best neighbors in the world, one of whom has a hot tub on her deck.

Tomato basil soup. Tomato leek soup. Roasted tomato soup. Tomato soup with a slice of cheese on top.

Wolfe birds. Made in Jackson, make me happy.

Girl Talk radio on Pandora. Sprout and I have had major dance parties this week. I may or may not have thrown out my knee.

The 2011 David Austin Rose catalog. Grocery store roses = yuck. English roses = yes, please.

Vanilla Almond Black Tea. With a little milk and a little sugar. Like the Canadians.

This Patagonia vest is keeping me warm as I type.

Patagonia Women's Classic Retro-X Vest

I might have worn it every day this week. With this weather forecast, I may be living in it for a few more days.

Tonight Jan 7 Sat 8 Sun 9 Mon 10 Tue 11
Clear Sunny Few Snow Showers Freezing Rain / Sleet Few Snow Showers
Clear Sunny Few Snow Showers Freezing Rain / Sleet Few Snow Showers
N/A 44° 40° 38° 40°
High High High High High
32° 25° 31° 31° 24°
Low Low Low Low Low
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Snow:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Snow:

Oh dear, I spoke too soon on the calendar round-up.

I ran across a stockpile yesterday that I may like even more…

Details are linked to each picture.

Love the colors and shape of this Kate Spade calendar.

Flora and Fauna of the Pacific Northwest… for my fellow Oregon-lovers.

I love the bright illustrations on this one by Alex Wijnen.

These gorgeous illustrations are from Flora Douville – she has two different calendars available this year.

This one is perfect for a farmer’s market lover or a backyard gardener, and it’s printed on a flour sack dish towel.

This Egg Press letterpress is adorable.

I love the gorgeous typography on this Beau Ideal mini calendar.

And finally, brownparcel press’s calendar details what’s happening each month on their Sparta, Ga. farm.

And that’s that… unless I run across some more pretty calendars.

Picking out a yearly calendar is a really intentional process for me. I pick out my favorites, second guess myself about forty seven times, and narrow it down to about two (or as many calendars as I can rationally get away with owning). Here are my top pics this year.

this mini-letterpress from paper-source

the classic paper source wall calendar with re-usable craft paper

a perennial favorite from linda+harriet

Linnea Designs’ classic graphics

or these from etsy (sellers are linked)

The one above is printed on a tea towel.

The one above is titled “Things That are Long.” Ha!

What do you think? Which ones are your favorites?