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If you need a new laptop (or desktop) background for 2011, Lisa Rupp at That’s Happy offers a free downloadable background each month of the year.

Last year’s were adorable — I’m sure this year’s will be fab as well.

Here’s a link to January.


If you haven’t yet finished your Christmas wrapping, I ran across some sweet free downloadable gift tags.

Adorable printed out on craft paper or card stock.

Happy wrapping!

Oh dear, I spoke too soon on the calendar round-up.

I ran across a stockpile yesterday that I may like even more…

Details are linked to each picture.

Love the colors and shape of this Kate Spade calendar.

Flora and Fauna of the Pacific Northwest… for my fellow Oregon-lovers.

I love the bright illustrations on this one by Alex Wijnen.

These gorgeous illustrations are from Flora Douville – she has two different calendars available this year.

This one is perfect for a farmer’s market lover or a backyard gardener, and it’s printed on a flour sack dish towel.

This Egg Press letterpress is adorable.

I love the gorgeous typography on this Beau Ideal mini calendar.

And finally, brownparcel press’s calendar details what’s happening each month on their Sparta, Ga. farm.

And that’s that… unless I run across some more pretty calendars.

Picking out a yearly calendar is a really intentional process for me. I pick out my favorites, second guess myself about forty seven times, and narrow it down to about two (or as many calendars as I can rationally get away with owning). Here are my top pics this year.

this mini-letterpress from paper-source

the classic paper source wall calendar with re-usable craft paper

a perennial favorite from linda+harriet

Linnea Designs’ classic graphics

or these from etsy (sellers are linked)

The one above is printed on a tea towel.

The one above is titled “Things That are Long.” Ha!

What do you think? Which ones are your favorites?