My creative juices have been flowing this week. Add in Martin Luther King day and a little extra time, and I have some new craft ideas to share.

This was billed as the EASIEST CRAFT EVER by one of these unnamed neighbors. Not so much.

But because she also does things like THIS

and THIS

I suppose I’ll forgive her.

I really did think making a Valentine’s wreath by stringing burlap onto floral wire would be a 30 minute project. 3 hours and severe burlap inhalation trauma later, we finished our three slightly wonky wreaths.

[Excuse the grainy iphone pictures]

You begin by taking two 18 inch pieces of floral wire (we found out — much too late — that a coat hanger works a bit better) and shaping them each into half-heart shapes. Connect the two halves by one end, and leave the other ends loose.

Cut 2.5 inch strips along the long side of a 1 yard piece of burlap. Then take the strips and weave them onto the wire.

Once you’ve woven all of your burlap strips onto your heart, making it very full (otherwise, all the burlap will slide to the bottom of the heart when it’s hanging… trust us), twist the open end of the heart closed with pliers.

Then, hang with a red satin ribbon, and straighten out the burlap so that the strips are all facing sideways on the wreath.

Lest you be concerned, this is the full extent that our house will be decorated for Valentine’s Day, or February in general.