April is one of my favorite months in the garden. The first roses and peonies bloom, and the green shoots of summer plants seem to grow by inches every single day. Every morning these past few weeks the Sprout and I have gone outside to pick roses. She likes to eat the petals. I can see the appeal – they do smell like they might be tasty.

We had a great resurrection Sunday, beginning with an early morning worship service.

Then, shortly after this photo was taken, the Sprout slipped on the window frame and busted her lip wide open. The human mouth contains a surprising amount of blood. She handled it much better than I did.

We’ve deemed Sunday afternoon officially fort time at our house, so we spent Easter afternoon transforming the couch and den into a pillow and stuffed animal fort. Sprout requested James Brown music to dance to, ostensibly because she was wearing “Hot Pants.”

She has also named her stuffed koala Jethro Tull. Peculiar child. But good taste in music.