It has been a wet, windy day in our corner of the world.

We have a large front window in our old house, and I love that my Sprout is endlessly fascinated by looking out of it. She loves to perch up on the back of the couch with her hands pressed against the glass, staring at the wind-whipped leaves. Even when she’s in her high chair eating she gets distracted, and I’ll catch her perfectly still [a very, very rare occurrence], gazing out the window. Maybe she is a storm-chaser in the making. Maybe if she chooses that career path she will know better than to tell her mother, lest I never sleep another wink.

In other news, I have been battling both a cold and poison ivy. Poison Ivy is winning like 27 to 1 over the cold in the battle of trying to make my life miserable. Its most wily trick thus far was to spread from my cheek to riiiight on the edge of the inside of my ear. Well played.

So, to combat the yuck outside and the yuck I feel, I have been looking at swimsuits. Because looking at swimsuits is much more fun than the grim reality of trying on swimsuits.

Here are some that have caught my eye. What about you? What are some other good sources for cute swimsuits?

at Boden: Jade Two Piece Top + Bottom

Or, this Target Top

Product Image

Or, another favorite from Down East Basics

Or what about this bikini top from Old Navy with this black swim skirt?

I also love love this Liberty of London print from J.Crew, but I don’t love the price tag.

And also this one.

… Maybe by the time I work my way into one of these my poison ivy will be gone.