MARTHA STEWART Living Magazine March 2011 - LIKE NEW

So, I have devoured the March Martha Stewart Living, gardening edition. Holy Moly. It is good. Of course, it also makes me want to convert our entire backyard into garden beds and grow a large money tree right in the center to fund all of my plant-related endeavors. So there’s that.

With seed germination day coming up, I have been reading catalogs, making lists, editing lists, ordering seeds, and thinking. The fact that the arbiters of spring, daffodils and hellebores, have begun blooming in the yard are (kind of) tiding me over, but mostly they are just making me impatient.

I do love daffodils more and more every year.

At first it was just because they were the only bulbs our gophers didn’t mangle over the winter, but now it is an affection based on their own merits. Right now I am staring at 7 daffodil blooms plucked from the yard yesterday in a vase on my coffee table — each one is different. Some have long ruffly necks and others have smaller, dainty proportions. Some smell like sweet vanilla and some smell like laundry detergent.

The variation even within blooms in the same genus and species is a humbling thing, and lends conviction that I should see the differences in PEOPLE as so lovely, interesting, and intentionally creative. The creator is purposeful in all of His creations, and it would serve me well to recognize it.

Too often I catch myself impatiently thinking life would be easier if the people in my life were just like me – there would be no need for arguments, decisions would be made efficiently, we’d be on the same page… yet how colorless would this world be? [And let’s face it, if everyone was going to be the same, we should all be Claire Hardin. Or The Pioneer Woman.]

How much more precious should our uniqueness be than that of my flowers? For WE have been fearfully and wonderfully made.