Two projects tackled this week – both (kind of) food related.

The first: recipe organization.

Everyone has a unique system for organizing recipes. Some are more efficient than others. Mine did not fall into that category.

I love to tear recipes out of magazines (or dog ear recipes, and leave stacks of 3 year old magazines all over our house). I have a cardboard magazine holder stuffed with torn-out magazine recipes, printed out 3 x 5’s from the computer, and hand-written recipes gathered from friends. Every time I need one of the recipes, I dump out the growing pile on the kitchen table and hunt through the stack one-by-one (and invariably the one I’m looking for is always on the bottom of the pile).

I’ve been intending for at least a year to transcribe all of these recipes into my hand-written recipe book. I knew I’d have ALL THIS TIME being at home with the Sprout. Right. That’s reeaallly working out.

So, the rain, cold, and runny-nosed child kept me home long enough this week to be able to trim all the torn recipes, categorize them, and glue them into a spiral notebook. So much less work than transcribing — and now in many cases, I have pictures of the food as well.

I heart organization.

The next project is only obliquely food related… but much more fun. GARDEN PLANNING!

Don’t mock my 96-pack of Crayons. They make me happy.

For anyone who’s contemplating a vegetable or flower garden, I so encourage you to sketch it out to scale before you start planting. I still fight the battle each year of planting way too much in my small space (read: pumpkins) – but it would be so much worse if I didn’t draw it out beforehand.

First, read your seed/flower catalogs. Make a list of what you like. Research to make sure it grows well in your area, and write down the size/watering requirements. Sketch out your garden – how do you want it to look? Do you want space between all your plants, or do you want more of a cottage garden look? Do you enjoy weeding (if you do, will you come move into the house next door)?

Then think through which seasons in which the plants will bloom/ripen, their colors, etc., and get to sketching.

I have this great sketchpad that makes this easy. I’ve seen it at several different shops. You can also buy it from Terrain. If you remotely love flowers or garden-y things, you will love this shop. I also have a birthday coming up. Ahem.

Even though there’s ice on the trees in our yard this morning, the fact that


is going on outside under the leaves and frozen tundra in our yard makes me immeasurably happy.