You are my favorite mammal

Because you give the best hugs.

Because you would stay up late digging a garden for me in the dark.

Because you are almost always right.

Because you eat our tomatoes, even though you hate tomatoes.

Because you are so patient with the Sprout.

Because you roughhouse with the Goose.

Because your heart is still full of adventure.

Because you tolerate decorative pillows.

Because you encourage my creativity.

Because you make me want to think more, and harder, about more things.

Because you walk around the house with a baseball bat when I hear a noise in the middle of the night.

Because you get my humor.

Because I want to spend time with you more than anyone in the world.

Because you are a faithful friend, son, believer, worker.

Because I want to spend three times three times three times three times three times three more years being married to you.

Happy Anniversary.