I used to be in possession of an old wooden plaque that said, in all caps, ‘PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.’ It was once my mother’s, passed down when I left for college where it hung above the bedroom door each place I lived until I lost it in the move when I got married. Bad timing to lose it. Not that FCL requires a great deal of patience; rather, I see my own impatience, failings, and sin so much more clearly against the mirror of marriage.

Anyway, that plaque used to fall off of the doorframe and hit me in the head at opportune times. I needed it today. My husband, my daughter, and my dog put up with largely unprovoked testiness brought on by a series of small, silly things.

I accidentally peeled paint off of the kitchen wall. FCL and I totally missed each other in a conversation. The Sprout is teething. My calendar is too full. Our house is a disaster zone of half-unpacked bags, half put-away Christmas decorations, and toys. The Goose is constantly underfoot. Maybe it’s just that I hate taking down Christmas decorations. I’m sure that’s it.

We made bacon omelets for dinner. FCL opened the lid on the carton of our new brown eggs and laughed, calling me into the kitchen and said, “I think you have a word from the Lord.” On the inside of the lid was written “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

It’s appropriate that He spoke to me through an egg carton. Much more efficient than  skywriting and more likely to get read than a fortune cookie. I am so richly blessed, and He continues to give me new days in which to experience Him, His creation, and His grace upon grace. AND His mercies are new every morning. For me.

What a perspective-shifting reminder of the goodness and mercy extended to us [and available to appropriate!] from the Lord.

Now if only I can remember that tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.