I’m sure I could belabor a play by play of ‘baby’s first Christmas’ in this space. But wouldn’t you rather see a recounting of Lucy’s second Christmas?

Ok, maybe not. But I’ll show you this first.

Someone is in denial about her weight.

The peace was soon broken as the Goose ran full speed into the Christmas tree with a box on her head. It’s possible the box part can be attributed to yours truly.

She got some consolation after the traumatic tree incident.

And some hand holding.

And then… our Survivor Dog embarked on Possum Quest 2010. She pranced around with this prize in her mouth for about an hour until the men trapped it in a garbage can and disposed of it at another part of the farm.

The next day involved snow, deer, and a squirrel incident.

We took four or five pictures, and Lucy is frolicking in the background of every single one.

In conclusion, her Christmas was very merry indeed. As was ours.

Onward to 2011.