The last days have been spent offline doing wintry things.

Wintry things like changing my sprout’s explosive diaper in the backseat of my car in 20 degree weather – resulting in widespread poop distribution from the car seat, to my arms, to her head. Oops.

Wintry things like dissecting the contents of my favorite seed catalog. You can order one for free (or download it, if you’d rather) from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Much, much more on seed-related things to come.

Wintry things like contemplating the below record album photos (front and back) and wondering if it is the genesis of my fascination with copiously coiffed facial hair.

The latter is like a Who’s Who of strange. Cocker spaniel? Yep. Snoopy? Roses? Clown? Cabbage Patch dolls? Check, check, check, check. French horn? Of course.

Please note that I propped the record on a giant pile of laundry to take this picture. Obviously my priorities are in order. Sorry, FCL.

Wintry things like laying curled up in bed with my nightly before-sleep ritual: checking the Weather Channel app on my iphone. Forecast for Christmas day in Tennessee? 30% chance of snow.

And of course, wintry things like watching White Christmas with Sprout (she may have inherited my love of musicals…and Christmas) and making gingerbread cookies with mom.

… and wintry ornament swaps and Christmas parties.

And just to think that winter doesn’t even officially begin until tomorrow.